Ancora Imparo is a newly forming coven in the authentic Gardnerian Tradition of the Long Island Line. (We are affiliated with Sacred Crossroads Coven in Wayne, Pa.)

As Gardnerians we follow a traditional, oath-bound path and worship both God and Goddess through the Wheel of the Year, keenly aware of the expression of Source in male and female polarity throughout creation.  

We follow a three degree system of initiation and elevations which helps support our personal and spiritual growth and progress.

We offer training to sincere men and women interested in following this traditional path. This training begins with an informational discussion series on the Introduction to Traditional British Wicca. In addition, we offer three modes of participation:

1) Open Court which consists of occasional open Sabbat rituals, social activities, and teaching/discussion sessions on subjects of general metaphysical and/or wiccan interest for anyone who wishes to attend.

2) Outer Court which consists of continued learning experiences, closed, small group rituals, and social activities for those who have taken the Introductory series and wish to continue learning but are not ready for the commitment of full Gardnerian coven life. (Participation in Outer Court is required for possible initiation.)

3) Inner Court which involves advanced study and full participation in coven life, including closed Sabbats, new moon and full moon rituals, etc. for those who have been duly initiated.

Our Craft practice follows a traditional structure but also allows for individual personal expression and beliefs, and for creativity in ritual and magickal activities.

We take very seriously the concept of a mystery religion in which each person awakens and experiences spiritually within him/herself. Therefore, we foster a life of study, ritual, coven interaction, and daily activity which promotes centered, reflective living. We recognize that all of our work, play, love, rituals, etc., are acts of co-creation. In our efforts to consciously manifest the world around us, and in supporting one another as co-creators in our chosen professions, magical work, and life situations -- we help one another to learn and grow. We realize that information combined with life experience becomes knowledge; that knowledge combined with spiritual experience becomes wisdom; that wisdom, practiced in daily life, can become a consciously lived and living union with Source, a state of greater wholeness, and higher consciousness.

Hence, Coven Ancora Imparo offers ongoing support for living a centered, reflective, spirituality within the context of daily, co-creative living. It provides an environment which nurtures that inner life in which each member can realize a deeply desired oneness with Source-- and the mysteries can unfold within -- at times slowly and quietly, at times ecstatically -- using the Rede and the Law as daily guidance.

As this is an undertaking within the Infinite, it can never be completed and can only expand -- infinitely. Thus we can always say, in all things -- “Ancora Imparo” -- "Still I am learning!"

We use ritual and coven life to protect and strengthen this purpose. We cherish deeply and enjoy the care of one another as we progress and grow in information, knowledge, and wisdom throughout the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. We also greatly value and enjoy being a part of the world-wide Gardnerian community, knowing that we all are part of one spiritual family -- that we have in common our ancestors, our background, and our ritual!

Our covenstead is located about 12 miles north of Topeka, Kansas.

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