About Us

We are committed to providing you with a supportive, safe, and competent environment in which to learn, grow, and practice your spiritual life. For this reason, you might like to know a bit about the life path of each of us. Also, we do take time to get to know each prospective member, and we do everything possible to make certain of a proper match within this path and this particular coven -- for your sake and for ours. If you do not find your spiritual home here, we will help you contact other groups and other paths.


Merry Meet!

I am Aria.

My spiritual journey began many years ago in my early teens. Always my effort has been toward total commitment and dedication. Being brought up in a Roman Catholic household, that effort led to several years in convent life which I eventually left in order to live those “monastic” practices, values, and inner life -- in the outside world.

Along the way, I studied multiple “new age” and eastern spiritualities very deeply and spent about two years in a Hindu ashram-type setting. I have taught meditation techniques, manifestation principles, and many of the healing arts for well over thirty years. I am a certified massage therapist and hold certifications in numerous other alternative modalities.

In 1991, while on a flight from Milwaukee back to my home in Philadelphia, I was browsing through the airline magazine only to find an article on witches in Wisconsin. As I read the article I said to myself, “That’s what I really am -- a witch!” From then on, I studied and practiced, very, very privately as a solitary. If asked, I usually described my self as a gnostic or metaphysician, or something very general, but true -- and belonged to no Wiccan groups or coven. For professional reasons, this part of my life remained a very personal and private matter, totally secret.

Eventually my husband and I moved back to the Midwest to be near family and to take up a new phase of our lives. Upon relocating to the Topeka area, I had hoped to find and become part of a working coven. After search and study, in local traditions, I still longed for a very deep, traditional, even British approach. I turned back to Philadelphia, to Lady Kaleah and Lord Dagda of Sacred Crossroads Coven -- whom I had known and respected for many years -- and whom I trust completely. They graciously agreed to train me. There I found the depth of practice and tradition that enables me to live, within the Craft, the total commitment and dedication which has always been a part of my life. I have been elevated to 3rd degree and High Priestess in the Gardnerian tradition.

Professionally, I hold an undergraduate degree and have done graduate studies in theology. My Ph.D. is in philosophy. My academic interest has always been at the nexus between these two fields -- particularly as they blossom into an experiential, mystical life. I have taught philosophy and served as a university dean for many years. I now devote my time and energy to family, to our animals and tiny farm in Kansas, to life within the Craft -- and to the formation of Coven Ancora Imparo.

Blessings to you -- in all you do!


Merry Meet. I am Phoenix, the HP for Coven Ancora Imparo.

My background is a bit convoluted, so bear with me. I came to the Craft in the mid-90s after traveling a circuitous route though several belief systems and receiving a Doctorate in Metaphysics. My father was a Christian minister and my mother a professional musician. They lived their beliefs, not just practiced them, so I had very good role models.

I am quite fortunate in that I can be very open in the community. I am co-owner of a retail business that specializes in occult supplies, work in the information business where I am often consulted, speak regularly to groups and individuals, have been interviewed in the local newspaper on radio and television, and have served on the local Interfaith board.

My retail store has for many years provided open circles to the local community and my first coven was created as a result. I had not, at that point, considered working with a BTW group. Events have changed all that and now, here I am. And I’m very happy to be here.

It is my wish that all seekers find the home that is right for them.

Brightest Blessings


Greetings, I Am Athena.

Born and raised in Kansas, I grew up Christian but always felt there was something missing. I studied various religions and finally found a home in the Wiccan faith, where I continue to grow and learn. I hope that everyone who reads this may find their path and be fulfilled



I am Croi Faolehu  (Wolf Heart).

I have been investigating the pagan path since I was 14.  I first began my journey down the path working with a Cherokee Medicine Man.  I have always found a strong attraction to the energies in nature.  

I have worked for many years in emergency services, primarily in Fire and EMS.  I earned my degree in Emergency Medical Technology.  

Even though I had to hide my Wiccan beliefs for many years, I continued to work as a solitary.  I am especially drawn to crystals and aroma work.

Now I have been blessed to find a coven where I can practice openly and feed my spirit.

Blessed be.


Merry Meet.

I am  SiogKajr   (Fairy Fire),

I have walked a variety of spiritual paths to arrive at my current life in a Gardnerian coven.  Previously, I studied as a solitary for several years.  Solitary study, while very enlightening, was not fulfilling to me.

I have also been exposed to Jehovah's Witness, Southern Baptist and Catholic religions.

In the world of work, I am a cook.   I also have a certificate in massage therapy.

In the journey I am taking now with coven life I am reaching a new degree of wisdom and fellowship that is constantly growing.



Blessings. I am Willow.

This lifetime started in northern Indiana. I come from a Christian family. I was never able to buy into the vengeful God theory. As a young adult I moved to Colorado where I met other people like myself. We didn't fit into the models our families would have liked us to and this bonded us more. Thus began a spiritual path that would take me down several roads.

My family lured me back to Christianity a few times, but it was not suited for me. Family issues called me back to Indiana. There, I studied with a Lacota Shawman / Reiki Master. I earned the highest levels of both. Still, I found myself seeking more. My seeking landed me in Kansas to join a friend from my Colorado days.

It turns out that Colorado friend had found a Wiccan path that lead him to become a Gardnerian. I had not read one book on Wicca and had no clue there were Gardnerians or what they were. With an open heart, spirit and mind I stepped onto a new path. They had me at the first ritual. That was almost 5 years ago. I do not grow tired of this path and we are always learning something new.

I listened to the wind and it took me to where I belong.

Blessed be!